Instagram Product Tagging! What’s It All About?

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Ever been browsing through your Instagram feed and come across the little shopping bag logo in the bottom left hand corner of image posts. When you click on the image a box pops up with the details of the product and the price and just like magic, you can be transported to their website to purchase the product? Yes, I know you have and you want to be able to do that too.

Instagram Shopping Tag LogoRead on to find out the step by step guide to how you too can apply the shopping tag to your images without having a Shopify Store or any of the other selling platforms (although you can apply this same strategy to other selling platforms on Facebook) and drive more traffic to your website, online store and Etsy products.


There are a few things you will need to do to qualify for the shoppable feature on Instagram.

  1. You will need to set up an Instagram Business Account.
  2. You will need to have a Facebook Business Page . Most of your will already have a Facebook business page set up for your online business. Make sure you have selected the shopping template which will give you access to the Shop tab.
  3. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with both Instagram and Facebook policies.
  4. Your Instagram Business Account Profile must be connected to your Facebook Business Page. This can all be done when you set up your Business Account in Instagram.

Many of you will have already set up a business account in Instagram and have a Facebook Business Page so you are halfway there.


Setting up the Shop tab for your page

If you don’t already have the Shop Tab activated on your Facebook page, follow the steps to get it set up.

From your Facebook Business Page click on Settings on the top right of the page

Facebook Business Page Settings

Then click on the Templates and Tabs section

Facebook Business Page Templates and Tabs

From here you can select a template for your page. If you sell products, opt for the shopping template. The Shop tab should automatically be applied to your tabs but you can add this in this section. You can also rearrange the order of your tabs here as well

Facebook Business Page Templates and Tabs Page

Adding products to your Shop tab

You have set up the Shop Tab for your business page and now all you have to do is add products to your shop. This is where you can upload images, a title (which is what will appear on your Instagram images), a description and most importantly, the URL link to your website, online store or Etsy Shop.

Click on the Shop tab from your Facebook page

Facebook Business Page Shop Tab

From here you can add products and create categories

Facebook Business Page Adding Products

Not only can people that visit your Facebook Business Page shop with you but all the products you add to your shop can be tagged in your Instagram posts with a clickable link back to your Etsy Store.

This is an example of the window that will open where you can add your product images, title, price, description and shop link

Facebook Business Page Add Product Window

Once you have added the product to your Facebook Business Page Shop, you are ready to tag your products.


You can add the Instagram Product Tag to any of the images you have already uploaded to your Instagram page by editing them and adding the tag. You can also add the Product Tag when you upload new images.

Instagram post showing the clickable Product Tag and the next step after clicking the tag

Instagram IMage With Product Tag          Instagram IMage With Product Tag Next Step.jpg

From here a potential buyer only has to click the View on website tab in the second image and they are taken directly to the product on Etsy. It’s that simple.

Adding tags to your Instagram product images already uploaded to your page

To add the Product Tag to your Instagram Images that you have already uploaded to your profile, follow the 4 simples steps below. NOTE: This needs to be done from your mobile phone.

  1. In the top right hand corner of your post, click on the three dots (…) and select edit.
  2. Click on the black tag box with a white cross in the bottom left of the image.
  3. Click on tag products in the pop up box.
  4. Tap the product in the photo to tag products.
  5. Select a product to tag. All the products showing in this catalogue will be products you have uploaded to your Facebook Business Page Shop.

Once you complete these simple steps, your images are now ready to go with a clickable tab directly to your products.

Adding tags to your new Instagram product images when uploading them to your page

It is pretty much the same as adding a Product Tag to your already existing images.

You will notice when uploading your images, adding your caption and assigning your social media platforms there is a section Tag Products. Click on this and follow the same steps above.

Instagram Image Adding The Tag Step 5.png

So that’s it. These are the steps you need to take to start selling and looking like a pro.


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